Data collection of damaged buildings in the region Kahrmanmaras in Turiye ( in NoviSad – April 24, 2024 – April 28, 2024

As part of the three-year Erasmus+ project Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education – Intelligent Methods for Structures, Elements and Materials (acronym: IM4StEM), data collection of damaged buildings in the region affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes of 06 February 2023 was carried out in the period 23 April 2024 – 29 April 2024.

The effects of the earthquakes on the structures in the settlements affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquake on 6 February 2023, the disaster of the century in Turkey, were evaluated as a result of field observations. The data was collected from damaged buildings. Data collection from the buildings was carried out under the supervision of one professor from Bitlis Eren University, Prof Ercan Işık, Ph.D., one professor from the University of Transilvania, Assoc. Prof Dorin Radu, Ph.D., one professor from the University of Novi Sad, Assoc. Prof Borko Bulajić, Ph.D, and two professors from the University of Osijek, Assoc. Prof Emmanuel Karlo Nyarko, Ph.D., and Prof Marijana Hadzima-Nyarko, Ph.D..

Data on damaged buildings were collected through field observations in the settlements of Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık, Nurdağı, Hassa, Kırıkhan, Islahiye, Hatay and Adıyaman, which were most affected by earthquakes. In addition, surface investigations were carried out in Çiğli Village in Kahramanmaraş Province, one of the places where the effects of earthquakes on the earth’s surface were observed the most. In addition, inspections were carried out in the new residential buildings that were built after the earthquake in Hatay province and information was obtained about the projects.